Mayhem Erupts After Game Four of the Finals when Pietrangelo Leaves the Penalty Box to Fight Tkachuk

Published June 11, 2023 at 10:27
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Vegas is One Win Away to Win the Cup

In an exciting game in Florida, the Vegas Golden Knights emerged as the winners in the fourth game of the Stanley Cup Final.

The Panthers were very close to tying the game and forcing overtime. They desperately tried to score another goal in the final moments of the match.

Alex Pietrangelo received a penalty for delaying the game, but the Panthers couldn't rise to the occasion and lost.

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Pietrangelo Leaves Box to Join Scrum

The drama didn't end when the game was over. A scrum erupted after the final whistle and Pietrangelo, who had just come out of the penalty box, got into a heated fight with Matthew Tkachuk.

The Golden Knights will have a chance to win the Stanley Cup in front of their fans on Tuesday.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Game 4 Ends in Chaos as Pietrangelo Exits Penalty Box and Starts Fight
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