Edmonton Supporter's Feeble Try to Douse Reilly Smith with Drink

Published May 9, 2023 at 11:51

Disappointment for Edmonton Fans in Game 3

Unfortunately, Game 3 between the Edmonton Oilers and the Vegas Golden Knights did not turn out as the Oilers' fans had expected. The Golden Knights managed to dominate the game on Edmonton's home turf, ultimately securing a 5-1 victory. Some fans took this loss way worse than others.

Unsuccessful Attempt to Douse Reilly Smith

In a moment of frustration, a fan wearing an Oilers jersey tried to pour a drink on Reilly Smith, a Vegas Golden Knights player. However, they seemed to have forgotten the existence of the barrier between them. As the camera focused on Smith, who was standing by the boards, the arm of the Oilers fan could be seen reaching out to pour the drink. Most of the liquid ended up on the glass instead.

Series Update and Next Game

With the victory in Game 3, the Golden Knights now hold a 2-1 lead in the series. Nevertheless, the Edmonton Oilers will have a chance to even the score in their next home game, scheduled for tomorrow night.

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Edmonton Supporter's Feeble Try to Douse Reilly Smith with Drink

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