Controversy Ignites Following Vegas Golden Knights Owner's Interview

Published June 15, 2023 at 6:01 PM
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The NHL Crowns Its Newest Champion: The Vegas Golden Knights

The National Hockey League (NHL) has just celebrated its latest Stanley Cup winners, the Vegas Golden Knights. Achieving this milestone in just their sixth season, the highly successful expansion franchise has pulled off a remarkable achievement.

A Coincidence or Rigged Game?

The conception of the Vegas Golden Knights back in 2016 came with a bold proclamation. During the planning stages of the franchise, owner Bill Foley made an unexpected comment live on television.

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He declared that he anticipated his team clinching their inaugural Stanley Cup within six years of their inception. Surprisingly, his prediction materialized exactly as stated.

Despite the impressiveness of this achievement, it has sparked curiosity among fans, causing them to question whether there's more beneath the surface.

Is the NHL Guilty of Rigging the Cup in Favor of Vegas?

How probable is it that an owner of a newly formed team can accurately forecast a cup win six years ahead of time? The likelihood, as most would agree, is incredibly thin.

While concrete evidence proving that the Vegas Golden Knights were beneficiaries of the Stanley Cup Finals being skewed in their favor is challenging to find, the aforementioned comments do raise some eyebrows.

A question now circulating among fans and critics alike is whether Gary Bettman, the NHL's Commissioner, could have orchestrated the finals so that the league's newest addition could bag a Stanley Cup.

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