Potential trade solution emerges for Toronto Maple Leafs' Mitch Marner

Graham Montgomery
April 29, 2024  (8:37)

Toronto Maple Leafs star winger Mitch Marner taking a shot on goal during warmups for an NHL game.
Photo credit: Sportsnet

Mitch Marner has recently been criticized for his performance so far in the Maple Leafs' first round series against the Boston Bruins. He's been so bad in fact that Leafs reporter Nick Alberga has proposed a trade that would send him to the New York Islanders.

The Leafs fan made an interesting proposal for the Leafs superstar. It is a one-for-one with the New York Islanders. The player coming back to Toronto? None other than Ilya Sorokin. Sorokin would be a huge upgrade in goal for the team as Ilya Samsonov has been inconsistent and Joseph Woll is not yet a proven NHL starter.
Marner (with an extension) for Sorokin?
However, Alberga did admit that the Islanders likely wouldn't make the trade. This is an interesting take as many might think it would be the other way around. Would the Leafs really trade Marner one-for-one for a goaltender?
Weirdly, I don't think the Islanders would do it.
At the same time, NHL insider Greg Wyshynski made a similar proposal, but one that might make a little more sense for both teams. He has the Leafs trading Marner one-for-one for Utah Hockey Club's Clayton Keller. Keller would be a great fit on the Leafs while Marner would become the face of the franchise for Utah in their inaugural season. It very well could work out for both teams.
A very smart hockey person put this in my head recently and I think this is the perfect time to float it:

To Utah: Mitch Marner

To Toronto: Clayton Keller
It will certainly be interesting to see what the Leafs do with Marner in the offseason. Unless the team can come from behind in their series against Boston, there could be some major changes coming to the organization.