New report confirms Sheldon Keefe had to give special treatment to Mitch Marner

Julien Trekker
June 13, 2024  (11:47)

Toronto Maple Leafs' Mitch Marner in a press conference.
Photo credit: Screenshot

According to a new report, Sheldon Keefe had to give special treatment to Mitch Marner when he was the head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

A good hockey coach knows that you mustn't treat every player the same way. With Keefe being a very talented coach, he knew that he needed to be careful around Marner.
Most NHL stars don't want special treatment, but some require more attention.
Any Leafs fan who watched games in recent years knows that Marner is a lot more in touch with his emotional side than Auston Matthews or William Nylander are.
Let's go back to the past playoffs, where Marner threw a temper tantrum on the bench and Nylander told him to "stop f**king crying":
Nylander showed that he had tough skin, something that a lot of people feel Marner is missing.

Mitch Marner got special treatment from Sheldon Keefe because of his sensitivity

When things were bad, Keefe didn't shy away from benching William Nylander if he wasn't satisfied with his performances. However, Marner was never treated that way, even if he also struggled at times.
In a recent intervention on Leafs Morning Take, Elliotte Friedman explained that Keefe was harder on other players than he was on Mitch Marner because "he felt Marner's sensitivity at times":
"Keefe was hard on Nylander, but I think Keefe was very careful when it came to Marner. He felt Marner's sensitivity at times."
This situation in Toronto won't get easier next season. With Craig Berube coming in to replace Keefe, Marner will have to be held accountable for his mistakes if he's still a member of the Leafs in a few months.