Morgan Rielly and John Tavares facing legal battles with city of Toronto

Graham Montgomery
June 10, 2024  (6:55 PM)

Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Morgan Rielly addressing the media during his season exit interview
Photo credit: Sportsnet

John Tavares and Morgan Rielly have found themselves in legal trouble with the city of Toronto for very different reasons.

For Rielly, his troubles started when he tried painting his new house with his fiancé, Tessa Virtue. The couple purchased a historic brick home in Toronto and have since began to paint it white. As the building is a Canadian Heritage home, they required permits to do so, which they got properly. However, City Hall has since ordered them to stop painting the building, citing an error in the permit process.
City hall ordered Tessa Virtue and Morgan Rielly to stop painting their heritage house. Now they have hired a lobbyist to get permission.
Leafs fans are largely on Rielly's side in this case, as it does seem rather clear that the couple got the permits necessary to paint the building. It does not sit right with people that the government could just unilaterally force private individuals to stop personal affairs, even when they got the necessary paperwork to do so.
The painting was approved then heritage staff say «oops I didn't see that part» and now wants to not allow. IMO staff error and city needs to pay for paint removal if they want it gone.
That being said, Rielly's legal troubles are potentially much less worrying that what his teammate and captain John Tavares is currently going through. The City of Toronto is disputing a claim that Tavares received a 15.25 million dollar signing bonus from the Leafs back in 2018. Bonus are taxed differently than regular income, so Tavares could potentially owe the city money.
The CRA is disputing a claim by Toronto Maple Leafs captain John Tavares that the USD $15.25 million the team paid him in 2018 was a signing bonus, saying that that the amount was effectively a form of salary and should be taxed at a higher rate.
It is not clear where Tavares stands with the city of Toronto at this point, as details about his possible tax violation have not been revealed. Hopefully though, this will be resolved peacefully, without impacting his on-ice performances next season.