Former Leaf Takes A Shot At Controversial Head Coach Mike Babcock

Tyler Ball
September 13, 2023  (7:39 PM)

Mike Babcock and the Columbus Blue Jackets have had a chaotic last 24 hours. He has been accused of misconduct with his captain and thrown into a media firestorm

Many voices have made their opinion on Babcock known in the last few days including a former Toronto Maple Leaf.

Babcock Accused Of New Wrongdoing

In an accusation put out by Paul Bissonnette of Spittin Chiclets Babcock is alleged to have forced players to allow him to look through their phones.
The accusation from Bissonnette says that Babcock wanted to find out what kind fo people his players were. The main incident was alleged to have happened with captain Boone Jenner.
Since the allegations have come out both Babcock and several Blue Jackets players including Boone Jenner have denied these allegations.
According to the parties involved everything was voluntary and it was mostly just sharing photos of family and such to get to know one another better.
Whether or not the allegations are true the internet took the rumor and ran with it. Fans, media, and former players all rushed to give their experiences with Mike Babcock.
This group of people included a former Toronto Maple Leaf and current NHL analyst.

Former Leaf Calls Out Babcock

Mike Babcock's time with the Toronto Maple Leafs is arguably his most controversial stop in his NHL journey. He is reported to have not gotten along with several players throughout. One such player was Frank Corrado.
Corrado spent 6 years in the NHL 2 of which were with the Toronto Maple Leafs. He is now a television analyst.
After the news about Babcock dropped Corrado decided to share what he thinks Babcock would have found had he searched Corrado's phone.
Corrado pokes fun at the idea of Babcock looking through his phone will callbacks to his experience playing for Babcock.
Corrado was often a healthy scratch hence the missing milk carton. While this is not a serious accusation by Corrado it is a fun little jab at a coach who clearly did not handle Corrado's situation to the best of his ability.
While the story seems to be wrapping up it will be interesting to see if any other players give their input on Babcock.
Even though this incident seems to have been blown way out of proportion I'm sure that Mike Babcock and the Columbus Blue Jackets will be even more careful regarding Babcock's treatment of players than they already were.