Projected Contract Price Revealed for Michael Bunting's Signing

Published May 23, 2023 at 3:42 PM

Role of Advanced Analytics in Sports: A Look at Michael Bunting's Future

The sporting universe has been increasingly influenced by the powerful tool of advanced analytics. One of the latest applications of this has been predicting the prospective value of players in the open market.

Recently, this sophisticated model was used to determine the possible contract offer for the Toronto Maple Leafs' top player, Michael Bunting.

The Impact of Michael Bunting on the Leafs

For several seasons, Michael Bunting has proven to be an invaluable asset to the Leafs' upper echelons. He has consistently showcased his prowess in the field, obtaining a staggering 46 goals and 112 points spread across 161 games.

Bunting's time with the Leafs may be nearing a close though, as he has now entered the status of free agent, meaning he will probably head to whichever team offers him the most money, but that team could still be the Leafs based off of recent projections.

Decoding Michael Bunting's Contract Projection

A revelation by Daily Faceoff, based on contract projections from AFP Analytics, unveiled the probable cost of Michael Bunting's contract, revealing that the Leafs could re-sign Bunting if they really wanted to.

Implications for the Leafs and Potential Strategies

While Bunting is an incredibly player in his own right and worth every penny, the Leafs could still decide to go in a different direction and perhaps sign on Alex Killorn or Tyler Bertuzzi in an effort to add more physical prowess to their team.

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Projected Contract Price Revealed for Michael Bunting's Signing

Should the Leafs keep Micheal Bunting or sign some new players instead?

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New players16166.8 %
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