Insider Shares That Kyle Dubas's Future With The Leafs Is Uncertain

Elliot Ben Jacob
May 15, 2023  (7:47)

The Uncertain Future of Toronto Maple Leafs' General Manager, Kyle Dubas

After the Toronto Maple Leafs suffered a disappointing round two loss, many questions have begun to circulate both inside and outside the team's locker room. Among the numerous concerns, one subject that's grabbing headlines is the uncertain future of the Leafs' General Manager (GM), Kyle Dubas.
On a recent Sportsnet broadcast, insider Elliotte Friedman provided some insight into this matter. He identified Dubas as the key to determining the team's path moving forward. Friedman revealed, "I think the first thing they have to figure out is the future of general manager Kyle Dubas."

Anticipating Changes After Panthers' Defeat

Imminent changes in the organization are most definitely underway after The Leafs crushing defeat in 5 games vs The Panthers. As these changes are poised to happen soon, the status of GM Kyle Dubas becomes even more crucial.
Friedman shared his personal perspective on the possibility of retaining Dubas in the long term, stating, that in his opinion, he's fully expecting Dubas to be resigned with The Leafs and that he'd be surprised if there weren't already discussions to have him back.

Potential Contract Extension for Dubas Amid Offseason Anticipation

Friedman also hinted at a potential contract extension and renewal for Dubas, suggesting that there have been preliminary discussions between the Leafs and Dubas. These talks come in the lead-up to what is expected to be one of the organization's most significant offseasons in recent history.

Fast-Paced Decisions Ahead for the Leafs

With deadlines looming for free agency, player extension requirements, and roster changes, the Leafs are faced with crucial and rapid decisions. The urgency is heightened by the fact that the young GM Dubas is attracting considerable interest from around the league. This interest, coupled with increasing price and incentives, makes the task of re-signing him progressively more challenging.
Friedman stressed the importance of swift action, stating,
"They have to get this done quickly because they have a lot of decisions to make up and down the roster and around the team."

What's Next for the Leafs?

The coming days and weeks will reveal more about the fate of GM Kyle Dubas and the direction the Leafs will take. As the situation unfolds, fans and sports enthusiasts can only wait and watch.