Former Leaf Calls Out Team For Being Soft On Marchand

Graham Montgomery
November 3, 2023  (8:22 PM)

The Leafs have not been off to the greatest start this year as they just lost their third game in a row against the Boston Bruins. What is worse is the outcome of one specific play from that game.

Liljegren Out Long-Term

Leafs defenseman Timothy Liljegren was injured during the game on a play in which Bruins forward Brad Marchand appeared to slew foot him. There was no call on the play, infuriating Leafs fans.
Sportsnet writer Luke Fox confirmed that Liljegren is expected to miss 'significant' time due to the injury sustained on the play.
Many Leafs fans called out the team, in particular the new guys for not doing what they were brought in for. Players like Reaves, Domi, and Bertuzzi were supposedly brought in for grit and toughness but they didn't look so tough sitting on the bench as Marchand skated by chirping them.

Ex-Leaf Joins The Conversation

Ex-Leafs enforcer Jay Rosehill had a lot to say about the team following this incident. Rosehill played 72 games with the Leafs over three seasons between 2009 and 2012. He racked up just under 200 penalty minutes in that time.
"The Maple Leafs sure seemed to have missed it but I can't stand that video... Not only does [Marchand] do that but he should be getting mauled by a team and he should be getting accosted by the entire Maple Leafs roster but instead he's going by their bench... look at them all, look at their captain looking at his feet... He's chirping them up, they should be all standing on their feet, kicking the boards, looking at Keefe going 'who's next, who's next, who's next, who's line, who's up?' wanting to bite that guy's head off."

Rosehill continued to lay into the Leafs, questioning their culture as a team, noting that only teams with winning cultures can do it all in the playoffs. He seems to imply that the Leafs lack that culture, which could be backed up by their lack of success in the playoffs.
"They're all sitting there like there's a delay of game or the kid is shoveling the ice or something and they're up 5 goals. They should be chomping at the bit to kill that guy because of what he just did to your teammate. You are a team. You ever see a team win a Stanley Cup together and how tight they are, that bond and brotherhood they have?... Does this team give a shit about each other? They do not show that they do, they do not show that they care. They are a whole group of individuals who are good at hockey. That's great, but together, they're garbage."

While Rosehill certainly had a lot to say about this team, it is easy to see where he is coming from. These Leafs have routinely failed to stand up for each other and have routinely failed to win in the playoffs. Perhaps Kyle Dubas was right to want to trade a core player.