Sidney Crosby Reveals What Happened During First Meeting with Kyle Dubas

Dawson McKenzie
September 17, 2023  (12:06)

When Dubas was being interviewed by the Penguins, it was reported that Crosby flew in to meet with him. Crosby recently discussed what happened at the meeting.

Sidney Crosby and Kyle Dubas Meet in Pittsburgh

On the 32 Thoughts podcast, Sidney Crosby opened up about how the first meeting between Kyle Dubas and Him went down. He clears the air by saying it was a total coincidence.
«They had said that he was going to the practice rink,» Crosby said. «I just happened to be there at the same time. It was really last minute.»

This clarifies what many in the media believed was a coordinated effort to have Crosby meet Dubas before his hiring in order to help with the decision-making process.

Kyle Dubas and Crosby Discuss the Upcoming Season and Crosby Shares his Opinion of Dubas

The meeting was fairly straightforward, Crosby said. The Pens were just coming off a disappointing season, and Crosby had this in his mind during the meeting. He later shared his thoughts on Dubas as a GM with the podcast.
I'd say he is probably like the most new age when you think of a GM with all the analytics and all the development stuff that goes into the organization.

I think he is somebody who is constantly trying to add to that and stay ahead of the curve.

It's clear that Crosby holds Dubas to a high standard, and thinks well of him as a GM, which is good news for the Pens organization. We will see if this feeling lasts.
As seen on The Hockey News - "Sidney Crosby Opens up About First Meeting With Kyle Dubas"