Sidney Crosby Reveals Desire to become linemates with Connor McDavid

Tom Banks
September 16, 2023  (9:20)

For years now, NHL fans have been robbed of the opportunity to see Canada's best NHL players on the ice together, and it's becoming clear they aren't the only one's upset about it.

A superstar duo


Whenever hypothetical lineups are put together, fans are in awe of the sheer talent on this Team Canada squad with Connor McDavid, Sidney Crosby, Nathan MacKinnon, Mitch Marner, Cale Makar and so many more, but it's the first two that draw the most attention.
In most lineups, those two are centering Canada's top two lines, but for Crosby, perhaps his biggest desire left in professional hockey is to join the Oilers superstar on one line.

A big sacrifice

In a recent interview, Crosby revealed that in order to make that happen, he's willing to relocate and play out of his natural position, and it's got us wondering just how good that combination would be on the ice.
I'll go there, I'll play my off-wing, no worries. Listen, I've skated with him and I've played both, so I think I'm good either way with playing center or wing, whatever he wants to do. He can carry the mail. I'll just find the opening.

Seeing all the other countries, you look at their lineups. I mean, it's pretty tight. I mean, there's no real favored team. It's easy to say Canada because we've had success at Olympics and that sort of thing. But, I mean, the hockey is incredible. And from my experience, it doesn't really get any better than that, when you're looking at the lineups and you're looking to players that are assembled.
Given the talent and leadership of both players, it's safe to say that any line they played on together would arguably be the best at the tournament, but with so much talent all around the world, Team Canada would still have plenty of work to do in order to come home with gold.