Canadiens Pull Off Hilarious Prank For April Fools

Published April 1, 2023 at 8:46
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The Montreal Canadiens don't have much to prove this season, so they went all out for April Fools Day.

Canadiens Put Out Hilarious Prank

While the Canadiens have still done much more winning then losing this season, a constant joke has been their winless streak while wearing the light blue reverse retro jerseys.

Many pro-tank fans almost thought their wish came true this morning, when the Canadiens ‘announced' that the team would be wearing the light blue jerseys for the rest of the season!

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We're undefeated in blue since Feb. 11! To celebrate, the Canadiens will play the remainder of the team's 2022-23 season games in blue jerseys.

Of course, the Canadiens haven't worn the jersey since February, so they are in fact undefeated!

The link leads to a 20% off coupon on reverse retro jerseys, so even the most gullible win.

Great prank Montreal!
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