Kevin Bieksa roasts the Edmonton media for their treatment of Darnell Nurse

Tyler Ball
May 30, 2024  (8:48)

NHL analyst Kevin Bieksa speaking during Sportsnets coverage of the Western Conference Finals.
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Darnell Nurse had to face questions from the media regarding his poor play before Game 4 after the game NHL analyst Kevin Bieksa ripped the media for the questions they asked.

Darnell Nurse has struggled in the Western Conference Finals. This led to questions about whether or not Darnell Nurse would be in the lineup and his overall struggles before Game 4.
Darnell Nurse wasn't feeling very talkative during his media availability that lasted less than a minute.
Darnell Nurse would end up playing in Game 4. After a rough start being on the ice for the first two goals against the Oilers Darnell Nurse would pick up their game. They would make a major comeback winning 5-2 and Darnell Nurse would tally an assist. After the game NHL analyst Kevin Bieksa roasted the Edmonton media for being so critical of Darnell Nurse.
Darnell Nurse, you think about his day, his morning. He gets to the rink, and he has to meet with the Edmonton Meat, that's what I call the media because they're raw, dead and dumb
Despite the negativity before the game, the Oilers had nothing but good things to say about Darnell Nurse after the game. This included head coach Kris Knoblauch who praised Darnell Nurse.
«Personally, I thought it was his best game of the series.»

Kris Knoblauch on Darnell Nurse.
Heading into Game 5 the series is tied wiping the slate clean from anything that happened earlier in the season. Now Darnell Nurse has the perfect opportunity to turn the narrative around and carry the momentum of his success in Game 4 to the rest of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.