Hot Mic Reveals Bedard's High Remarks on Crosby

Tyler Ball
October 14, 2023  (4:07 PM)

Connor Bedard's NHL debut was a success in most areas. He checked off many NHL firsts and now we have his mic'd up comments on the game including a compliment for his opponent.

Bedard Gives Big Compliment To Crosby

Connor Bedard got a point and a win in his NHL debut. However, he struggled to get down one part of the game especially when matched up against Sidney Crosby. In his NHL debut, Bedard was particularly bad in the faceoff circle.
Thanks to new footage of Connor Bedard mic'd up we are able to hear how he handled the struggles in the game. We also caught a big compliment that Bedard gave to Crosby while talking to a referee.
"- Bedard: Im yet to win a draw.

- Ref: Is that true?

- Bedard: I think I tied like five, but...

- Ref: Really tough when you're going against 87, though.

- Bedard: He's sick at draws.

- Ref: Pretty special though isn't it?

- Bedard: Yeah

- Ref: Congratulations you're gonna have a hell of a career.

- Bedard: Thanks."

Bedard sounds critical of himself for having a bad night in the faceoff circle. The referee quickly comes in with some words of encouragement and a reminder at just how good the guy on the other side is.

Bedard Off To A Great Start


In his first 2 games, Connor Bedard has 2 points and a win over a group of NHL legends. The Blackhawks came into the season with very little expectations. While their odds to make the playoffs still are not good they are a much more entertaining team than many had thought.
With Connor Bedard, the Blackhawks have become must-watch NHL television amassing huge viewership through their first two games. As the season goes on it will be interesting to see if the mystique of Bedard eventually wares off or if he will be must watch every single game.