NHL Insider Leaks New Favorite To Land Patrick Kane

Tyler Ball
September 28, 2023  (7:36 PM)

The Patrick Kane saga has continued all summer. Since it was announced that he would have offseason hip surgery his free-agent signing has been put on hold.

Now that he is reportedly getting back to being healthy rumors are flying on his next destination.

NHL Team Has Tremendous Interest In Kane According To Insider

Darren Dreger joined Sabres Live with Brian Duff and Martin Biron earlier today. During their time together they discussed Patrick Kane and his future home. Dreger reported that the Buffalo Sabres are apparently tremendously interested in Patrick Kane's services.
Darren Dreger on Sabres Live says that the Sabres have tremendous interest in Patrick Kane
Here is the full clip of Dreger's comments on the situation with Kane and Buffalo.
The clip has gone all throughout the Sabres fan base on social media. It has led to very mixed reactions from fans on the idea of signing Kane.

Kane To Buffalo Met With Mixed Reactions

Patrick Kane and the city of Buffalo have a complicated relationship. The people of Buffalo are proud to have such a great player from Buffalo as Kane is. However, Kane especially in his younger years was known for partying and garnering a bad reputation around town.
A lot of time has passed since this however, Kane has matured and likely wouldn't get up to his old antics. At the same time he is nowhere near the player that he was in his prime. Sabres fans took to social media to mostly display their displeasure with these rumors.
Please Kevyn no
He was terrible defensively b4 he ever got hurt. Last thing we need is another bad defensive forward. We already have several.
Most Sabres fans are out on Kane coming to Buffalo. Sabres fans are learning to trust Kevyn Adams and Don Granato more as the years go on. If the Sabres were to bring in Kane he would likely be immediately embraced.
Even though he would be accepted Kane coming to Buffalo really might not be the right fit for the team. He would need to play top-six minutes to contribute. This would take time and development away from some younger players.
If the Sabres really want Kane they will likely get him. If he comes in it will be interesting to see how they manage all of the minutes of an already stacked forward group.