BREAKING: New Details Have Come To Light After Milan Lucic's Arrest

Tyler Ball
November 20, 2023  (5:14 PM)

Today more details were released regarding the events leading up to Milan Lucic's arrest.

New Details Come To Light After Lucic's Arrest

Today a new set of details and events has come to light as the Milan Lucic case takes another step. Today Milan Lucic is set to be arraigned in a Boston court. With this process set to happen more details from police at the scene have been made public.
Details: #NHLBruins Milan Lucic to be arraigned in Boston on one count of assault and battery against a family member after he allegedly attacked his wife and pulled her hair.

Police reportedly observed a broken lamp and shards of glass.

As previously known Lucic reportedly grabbed his wife by her hair and pulled her backwards.
«She stated that she attempted to walk away from her husband and stated that her husband grabbed her by the hair and pulled her backwards,» police wrote in the report, according to the Globe. «She stated that in doing so, the suspect stated to her that she was not going anywhere.»

We also now know why the alleged incident began. It reportedly had to do with Milan's phone going missing.
«Operations relayed to the responding officers that the reporting party/victim called and stated that her husband attempted to choke her,» police wrote, according to the Globe. «The victim stated that her husband could not locate his cellphone after returning to their apartment after a night out. She stated that the suspect began yelling at her, demanding his phone back, believing she had hidden the phone. She stated that she did not have the phone or know where it was.»

With arraignment set to happen at some point today Lucic will learn what he has officially been charged with. He will also enter a plea and learn if he has to pay bail of some kind.
This process could also lead to further judgment handed down by the NHL if they feel a formal suspension is needed.