Voracek Retaliates Against Fan who Shared an Awkward Story of Him

Published July 14, 2023 at 4:05 PM
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The Situation

Everything commenced rather benignly, with a supporter recounting a humorous encounter with Jakub Voracek. However, Voracek, known for his forthright demeanor, soon got hold of the tale and retaliated.


Setting the Stage

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During the typically slow-paced summer, BarDown sought engagement by posing a question on Twitter, encouraging followers to recount their unplanned meetings with NHL players. One individual responded with the following story, presented verbatim from their Twitter post.

"Tried taking a selfie with Jake Voracek and he gave me stared at me either confused or annoyed." - CFlo_76

Voracek's Rejoinder

Whether Voracek learned of the story through external means or stumbled upon it accidentally is uncertain. Nonetheless, his reaction suggested a certain level of displeasure.

"I wanna know when and where cause I'm busy with kids or hammered I always do that for people. so you either lie or I was drunk." - Voracek


Voracek softened his stance only after the fan shared the photograph they took of him, which depicted the NHL player appearing sleep-deprived.

"Hahahahahah. fair enough. I was probably dying out there😂" - Voracek

The exchange was concluded by the fan, who accepted that the disapproving look might have been deserved as they attempted to snap a photo alone by the boards during practice.

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