REPORT: Arizona Coyotes Start Relocation Process

Published August 9, 2023 at 10:04

After the recent vote that was rejected in Arizona for a new NHL stadium, many fans are wondering what is next for the team. There have been many rumors surrounding the future of the Coyotes but no definite answers.

Insider Speaks On Coyotes

On Wednesday we got our first look into the developing process of finding the team a home. Reporter Craig Morgan who covers the team and is also a correspondent for NHL Network tweeted out where things stand in the process.

"A couple of the initial Mesa sites proved problematic for various reasons, but as we continue to report, the Coyotes & the NHL both believe that the team has legitimate options to remain in the Valley."

With this report in mind, it seems as though Arizona has multiple irons in the fire to keep the team in Arizona. While relocation is likely to another part of the state the team looks to be staying close by as of now. The league wants hockey in the desert so the team will get every opportunity to stay put. If they do stay in Arizona with the promising young core they have we could see playoff hockey back in the desert soon.

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REPORT: Arizona Coyotes Start Relocation Process

Will the Arizona Coyotes stay in Arizona or relocate?

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