Massive Trade Rumour Developing Between the Maple Leafs and Sharks

Published November 20, 2023 at 8h37
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A potential blockbuster trade between the Toronto Maple Leafs and San Jose Sharks is making waves online, particularly with the possibility of Tomas Hertl leaving San Jose.

Leafs And Sharks: A Perfect Trade Match as Hertl Seeks Exit from San Jose

The Toronto Maple Leafs, eyeing a Stanley Cup run, are on the lookout to bolster their roster. Although their primary need is in defense, enhancing their offensive depth is also a priority. The San Jose Sharks, in the midst of a rebuild and looking to offload assets, are a suitable trade partner. Tomas Hertl, seeking a new beginning, appears to be a good match for the Leafs.

"Tomas Hertl buries Zetterlund's terrific pass for a power play goal, tying it up at 2 for San Jose!"

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San Jose aims to move Hertl, who has 7 years remaining on his contract. A trade with Toronto would likely involve San Jose retaining part of Hertl's salary and possibly including defenseman Ty Emberson to strengthen the Leafs' defense.

Leafs Might Trade Domi to Acquire Hertl

To accommodate Hertl's contract, the Leafs could trade Max Domi, their productive third-liner. Despite Domi's impact and the nostalgia he brings to the Leafs' fanbase, his lack of goals is a concern, making Hertl a potential upgrade.

"Tie Domi before the Leafs' game in the Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden in September 2003 [📸Dave Sandord]

Max Domi before the Leafs' game in Avicii Arena (formerly the Globe) in Stockholm, Sweden in October 2023 [📸Mark Blinch]"

Max Domi is playing as well as a forward with 0 goals possibly can

The Leafs might regret passing up a trade involving Hertl and a defenseman for Domi, especially if the decision is based solely on sentimentality.
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Massive Trade Rumour Developing Between the Maple Leafs and Sharks

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Max Domi (1 x $3M)13449.6 %
Tomas Hertl (7 x $8.1375M)13650.4 %
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