Fans Accuse NHL of preferential treatment during Global Series

Published November 19, 2023 at 4:07 PM
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The NHL took their game global once again in 2023, and this time, they sent four teams to Sweden to play a series of games, but not all fans were happy with the way it played out.

Are Toronto getting special treatment from the NHL?

During the week, the Maple Leafs, Wild, Red Wings and Senators would play a series of games against each other, but one fan pointed out the difference in treatment they received during their time in Sweden.

The "fair" schedule of #NHLGlobalSeries

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#GoSensGo: 2 "home" games in Sweden
#MnWild: 2 games, back-to-back
#LGRW: 2 games, b2b
#LeafsForever: 2 away games, not b2b, both against a team playing their b2b (2nd) game

The Senators had to use two home games during the week away, while both the Wild and Red Wings were forced to play back-to-backs, but Toronto? The Maple Leafs used two away games on the trip, did not play a back-to-back at all, and instead, both of their games game against teams on the second night of a b2b.

Announcer reveals unsurprising reason behind the move

While it's not news that a big market team gets better treatment than others, one Senators announcement pointed it out, and reveals why it was happening.

The announcers said as much during the last sens game..league wouldn't take a home game away from the leafs because they were one of the highest earners of gate revenue in the league

Bettman is just the worst


There's no way to confirm that Toronto are getting special treatment, but looking at these posts on social media, it's tough to deny that it's happening, as the Maple Leafs had a much easier run in Sweden than other teams.

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Fans Accuse NHL of preferential treatment during Global Series

Were the NHL giving special treatment to Toronto this past week?

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