Player Breaks Referee's Arm After Wild Scene on the Ice

Published November 19, 2023 at 8:32 PM
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In a recent viral video, an astonishing event unfolded during a game in Sweden's 5th Tier Hockey League. A defenseman, mistaking the referee for an opposing player, delivered a massive hit that resulted in the referee sustaining a broken arm. This unusual incident occurred as the defenseman pursued a puck, only to collide with the referee who was mistakenly in his path.

Player Mistakenly Hits Referee, Resulting in Injury

The impact of the collision was so severe that the referee was left injured on the ice, requiring assistance to be taken to the hospital. It was later confirmed that the referee had suffered a broken arm. Notably, no penalty was called during the play.

Player Insists Hit on Referee Was Accidental

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Post-game, the player involved addressed allegations that the hit was deliberate. He maintained that it was purely accidental, a result of his attempt to block an opponent, with the referee unfortunately caught in the middle. However, the player did note that the referee had been obstructively present throughout the game.

Rare situation that resulted in nothing but an injured referee. What do we think about it?

"It's the final of the series and everyone is excited out there, especially me, who likes to play physically. The referee gets in the way, as he did the whole game. I had to stop their player and then the referee got in the way. Then he had to take the hit even though it was not the intention, of course."

Vita hästen player Casper Gilberg brakes the referee's arm with a hit in the swedish 5th division.
byu/ObjectEnvironmental5 inhockey

The hockey community is hopeful for the referee's swift recovery. As of now, there's no information on whether the player will face any additional disciplinary actions.
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Player Breaks Referee's Arm After Wild Scene on the Ice

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