Player Who Broke Referee's Arm Has Been Dealt His Punishment

Published November 20, 2023 at 3:16 PM
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A player recently laid a massive hit on a referee, leaving him with a broken arm, and now he has been dealt his punishment by the league.

Player Claims The Hit Was An Accident When He Crushed the Ref Into the Boards

In Sweden's 5th Tier Hockey League, an insane play resulted in a player laying a massive body check on a referee in the corner. The referee was forced to go to the hospital, where he was determined to have a broken arm.

Rare situation that resulted in nothing but an injured referee. What do we think about it?

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After the game, the player claimed that the incident was an accident, and complained that the referee was in the way the entire game.

"It's the final of the series and everyone is excited out there, especially me, who likes to play physically. The referee gets in the way, as he did the whole game. I had to stop their player and then the referee got in the way. Then he had to take the hit even though it was not the intention, of course."

Punishment Has Been Handed Down To Player Who Broke Referee's Arm

Now, reports of the player's punishment have been released on social media. The player is reportedly suspended indefinitely until there is a hearing on the matter. Of note, the player had been suspended earlier this year for an illegal check to the head.

You can't do that.

Vita Hästen player Casper Gillberg checks the referee into the boards. Ref broke his arm on the play.

Suspended until hearing.

Gillberg suspended 9 games earlier in the season for an illegal check to the head.

Gillberg listed on EP as 6'5 227 lbs.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - "Hockey Player Breaks Referee's Arm, Claims Incident Was an Accident"
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Player Who Broke Referee's Arm Has Been Dealt His Punishment

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